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Busan One Day City Tour - Taejongdae + Gamcheon Culture Village + Songdo Skywalk+ Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Regular tour, Busan

11 Hours

Available day : TUE, SAT


Taejongdae, Gamcheon Culture Village, Songdo Skywalk, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Available language : Korean,English,Chinese
Price 0 KRW

GMT+9(Based on Korean time)

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8:20 am Depart from KTX Busan Station Exit 1 (*NOT Busan Subway Station Exit 1)

8:40 am Depart from Seomyeon Station Exit 12

9:20 am Depart from Haeundae Station Exit 5

9:50 am Arrive at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 

10:50 am Leave for Taejongdae

11:30 pm Arrive at Taejongdae (Including lunch time)

2:20 pm Leave for Songdo Skywalk 

2:40 pm Arrive at Songdo Skywalk 

3:40 pm Leave for Gamcheon Culture Village

4:00 pm Arrive at Gamcheon Culture Village

5:10 pm Leave for Busan Station

5:30 pm Arrive at Busan Station

6:10 pm Arrive at Seomyeon Station

7:00 pm Arrive at Haeundae Station

The itinerary may subject to the travel date.

Tour Details


A natural park in Busan famous for its magnificent cliffs facing the open sea. Designated as a Busan monument, along with Oryukdo Island, Taejongdae represents Busan, and is especially famous for its rock beach. Featuring its highest peak at 250 meters, there are forests of pine trees and 200 other varieties of trees. Taejongdae was named after the 29th king of the Silla Kingdom (57 BC-AD 935), King Taejong Mu-Yeol (604-661). While you stroll in the area, hear the roaring waves, feel the wind and sense the smell of aroma coming from the ocean.

Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village is formed by houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain, earning this village the nickname "Machu Picchu of Busan." Known as Korea's Santorini, this lovely village is famous for its artistic and unique charm. Many alleys that cut through this community are vibrantly decorated with murals and sculptures created by the residents.

Songdo Skywalk

Enjoy a 365 m-long skywalk with magnificent view along the Songdo Beach. It is Korea's longest ocean skywalk with a glass bridge at 5.5 - 6 meters above sea level. Through the glass floor, which is made of tempered, double-reinforced glass with strong railing, and you will be able to revel in the sounds of churning waves and an expansive ocean view, see the color of the ocean while feeling the waves roll under your feet. 

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Located next to the sea, the temple attracts visitors all year long with its amazing sea view. Walking down 108 steps, make your wish while listening to the calming sounds of the waves and enjoying the scenic views in the stunning coastal area.


- Itinerary may be subject to change due to weather and road conditions or any other conditions of an operational nature.

- No minimum number of participants required for this tour; Tour operation guaranteed once booking is confirmed.

- Actual size and type of vehicle used depends on the number of participants.

- Please inform us in advance if you will be bringing along a baby stroller or wheelchair.

- Free for children aged under 36 months, but seats will not be available on the vehicle.


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[Busan]Seomyeon Station Exit 12

[Busan]Seomyeon Station Exit 12


[Busan]Haeundae Station Exit 5

[Busan]Haeundae Station Exit 5


[Busan]KTX Busan Station Exit 1_KTX

[Busan]KTX Busan Station Exit 1_KTX


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