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Danyang One Day Tour

Regular tour, Seoul

12 Hours

Available day : TUE, FRI


Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex, Danyang Gugyeong Market, Mancheonha Skywalk

Available language : English
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GMT+9(Based on Korean time)

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7:20 am Depart from Hongik Univ. Station Exit 4 

8:00 am Depart from Myeongdong Station Exit 2 

8:10 am Depart from Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 10 

11:00 am Arrive at Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex

12:30 pm Leave for Danyang Gugyeong Market

1:10 pm Arrive at Danyang Gugyeong Market (including lunch time)

2:40 pm Leave for Mancheonha Skywalk

3:00 pm Arrive at Mancheonha Skywalk

4:30 pm Leave for Seoul

7:30 pm Arrive at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station

7:40 pm Arrive at Myeongdong Station

8:20 pm Arrive at Hongik Univ. Station

The itinerary may subject to the travel date.

Tour Details

Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex

Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do contains a variety of cultural heritages and artifacts that were collected from the region before it was flooded in 1985 during the construction of Chungjuho Lake. Here, visitors can see Hanbyeokru Pavilion, Seokjo Yeoraeipsang Buddha, Paryeongru Pavilion, Geumanmru Pavilion, Geumbyeongheon Hall, Eungcheonggak Pavilion and the Cheongpung Confucian School, as well as nearly 2,000 household artifacts. It has become an outdoor museum of the glorious culture of the upper reaches of Namhangang River.

Danyang Gugyeong Market

Located in the centre of Danyang, Danyang Gugyeong Market is where you can see (and smell) more garlic than you have ever seen in your life.

Mancheonha Skywalk

The Skywalk Observatory, built at a height of 25 meters above sea level, 80 to 90 meters above the South Han River, provides a walking experience overlooking the river below 100 meters below your feet. Up at the top, you can see the South Han River at a glance and feel like walking through the sky. Come and try this thrilling experience for yourself!


- Itinerary may be subject to change due to weather and road conditions or any other conditions of an operational nature.

- No minimum number of participants required for this tour; Tour operation guaranteed once booking is confirmed.

- Actual size and type of vehicle used depends on the number of participants.

- Please inform us in advance if you will be bringing along a baby stroller or wheelchair.

- Free for children aged under 36 months, but seats will not be available on the vehicle.


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[Seoul]Hongik Uni Station Exit 4

[Seoul]Hongik Uni Station Exit 4


[Seoul]DHCP Station Exit 10

[Seoul]DHCP Station Exit 10


[Seoul]Myeongdong Station Exit 2

[Seoul]Myeongdong Station Exit 2


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