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Yeosu Hyangiram + Maritime Cable Car + Ocean Rail Bike One Day Tour

Regular tour, Busan

13 Hours

Available day : TUE


Hyangiram, Yeosu Maritime Cable Car, Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike

Available language : English,Chinese
Price 0 KRW

GMT+9(Based on Korean time)

Not available now


7:20 am Depart from Nampo Station Exit 5

7:40 am Depart from KTX Busan Station Exit 1 (*NOT Busan Subway Station Exit 1)

8:00 am Depart from Seomyeon Station Exit 12

11:30 am Arrive at Hyangiram 

1:30 pm Leave for Yeosu Maritime Cable Car

2:00 pm Arrive at Yeosu Maritime Cable Car

3:00 pm Leave for Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike

3:20 pm Arrive at Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike

4:20 pm Leave for Busan

8:00 pm Arrive at Seomyeon Station

8:20 pm Arrive at KTX Busan Station

8:40 pm Arrive at Nampo Station

The itinerary may subject to the travel date.

Tour Details

  • Hyangiram
  • One of the four Buddhist hermitages in Korea where the faithful come to pray, Hyangiram was originally named Wontongam, established by monk Wonhyo during the fourth year of Baekje King Uija’s reign (644). The temple contains Daeungjeon, Gwaneumjeon, Chilseonggak, Dokseodang, and Chwiseongru, all of which are well preserved. Camellias and subtropical plants surround the Bawibong Peak and Geumosan Mountain. The mountain path to Hyangiram is very steep and it is one of the most exciting mountain courses of Korea. To reach the temple, you will need to climb the rock at the midpoint of the trail and pass the stone gate, situated between two large rocks near the temple.

    Yeosu Maritime Cable Car
    Yeosu Maritime Cable Car is the first of its kind in Korea, connecting Dolsan Island and the mainland over the ocean. Passengers can choose between the standard cabins and crystal cabins. In particular, crystal cabins allow passengers to observe the ocean below one's feet, experiencing the thrill of being suspended in mid-air through its transparent flooring.

    Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike
    Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike comprises of a 3.5 kilometer-long open track that follows the rocky coast of Yeosu. Passing through the open air as well as a tunnel section, it is a unique and exciting experience anyone can enjoy at a leisurely pace. The track and rail bikes undergo regular safety inspections, making it a completely safe way to enjoy Yeosu's beautiful coast.

- Show your e-voucher at the meeting point to board shuttle
- Itinerary may be subject to change due to weather and road conditions or any other conditions of an operational nature.
- No minimum number of participants required for this tour; Tour operation guaranteed once booking is confirmed.
- Actual size and type of vehicle used depends on the number of participants.
- Please inform us in advance if you will be bringing along a baby stroller or wheelchair or luggage.
- Free for children aged under 36 months, but seats will not be available on the vehicle.


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[Busan]Seomyeon Station Exit 12

[Busan]Seomyeon Station Exit 12


[Busan]KTX Busan Station Exit 1_KTX

[Busan]KTX Busan Station Exit 1_KTX


[Busan]Nampo Station Exit 5

[Busan]Nampo Station Exit 5


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