Effective Date (2020 years 01 Mon. 31 days )


- Cancel request accepted standards of our operating hours within ' Refund Request'The received time or 'Cancel request'The reception the time by then .

- traveler trip confirmed after a 24- hours within a booking cancellation , even if requested , the date of travel 24- hours is less than if a full refund on the target will be excluded .

- Each of the products described in details cancellation refund policy separate regulations to be the case , each of the products separately described the contents of this cancellation refund than policy priority applies .

Ticket Cancellation Refund Information


Below are details that apply to target K Story Tour website ( and website applications including ) the through the Company sales agent or buying agent to the traveler to shipping real ticket and a tourist causing output can help you provide E- in the voucher limited .

Physical ticket ]

1. Period for refund application

Tour one based 24- hours within refundable who applied if only refund possible .

2. Notes on Refunds

Refunds will be processed after we have received and confirmed the physical ticket returned by the traveler .

Real tickets purchased during an enclosed ticket using guidebooks , local use coupons and free gifts also with be returned normal refund will be processed .

Refund requests received after 5 days within our real ticket receipt is confirmed when only the normal refund will be processed .

Personal negligence because the real ticket is lost or damaged case, the refund is haohni impossible , extreme and mind feel hope .

3. Refund Fee

Tour one based 24- hours within a refund if the refund fee is not .

Ticket providers themselves to define separate the refund policy in case of a provider is the refund policy of our refund policy in preference to apply . ( The product detail page description )

[E- Voucher ]

Ticket vendors offering itself to define a separate refund policy depending cancellation / refund is in progress . ( The product detail page description )

Ticket provider in the policy along the refund is in principle to be impossible can be so , careful to purchase the free assignment will be .