[25% OFF] EG Tour Bus Course J: Gyeonggi-do Yangpyeong One Day Tour

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Explore Gyeonggi! Enjoy Gyeonggi! Exciting Gyeonggi!

📢 What is EG Tour Bus?

EG Tour Bus is a foreigner-exclusive tour bus product that departs from Seoul and conveniently takes you to  various attractions in Gyeonggi-do.

Filled with fun activities and beautiful scenery, EG tour courses guarantee a fun-filled day in some of Korea's best attractions!

⭐ Where will you visit?

1. The Original Grandparents' Farm-Stay Village (Sinronlee Farm) 🏡

Yangpyeong Sinronlee Farm offers various farm experience programmes, such as making traditional Korean desserts, harvesting seasonal crops, catching fish, etc. Enjoy a scrumptious lunch provided by the farm and have fun trying out different activities!

Activity list for reference:

Spring (Apr - May) 🌷

Shepherd's purse tea making; Traditional Korean rice cakes making; Rice planting experience; Trout fishing; Collecting wormwood; Tightrope walking, etc.

Summer (Jun - Aug) ☀️

Kimchi pancakes making; Tightrope walking; Log rafting; Trout fishing; Traditional Korean rice cakes making; Waterslides taking; Tomatoes or corn harvesting, etc.

Autumn (Sep - Nov) 🍁

Autumn harvest; Catching grasshoppers; Sweet potato picking; Potato pancakes making; Log rafting; Traditional Korean rice cakes or bread making, etc.

Winter (Dec - Mar) ☃️

Sledding; Roasted sweet potatoes making; Traditional Korean rice cakes making; Kite making; Shuttlecock (Jianzi) making; Straw handicraft making, etc.

2. Yangpyeong Sheep Ranch 🐑🐄🐖🐏

Yangpyeong Sheep Ranch is a farm where you can meet many different animals, including sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, ostriches, etc. Try feeding the baby animals for the most authentic farm experience!

3. Yangpyeong Market 🍲👚👡👛

Located in the center of the city near Yangpyeong Station, there are currently more than 400 shops in operation at the market. Yangpyeong Market welcomes you with its rich natural environment, and do check out the market's restaurants, apparel stores and manufactured goods for a taste of local life.

⏰ What is the itinerary?

7:20 am Depart from Hongik Univ. Station Exit 4

8:00 am Depart from Myeongdong Station Exit 2

8:10 am Depart from Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 10

9:30 am Arrive at The Original Grandparents' Farm-Stay Village (Sinronlee Farm) (Lunch included)

2:30 pm Leave for Yangpyeong Sheep Ranch

3:00 pm Arrive at Yangpyeong Sheep Ranch

4:00 pm Leave for Yangpyeong Market

4:30 pm Arrive at Yangpyeong Market

5:30 pm Leave for Seoul

6:30 pm Arrive at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station

6:40 pm Arrive at Myeongdong Station

7:20 pm Arrive at Hongik Univ. Station

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